• About Us

  • You may be asking yourself, why should I use Simply Clean ?  Using the most powerful equipment is only half of the equation-Using that equipment correctly is the other half, and we do.  The big national companies continually have propblems with quality of work- We strive to do EVERY job right.  anything- We will absolutely take care of it, and make sure you are happy.  We depend on your repeat business and customer referral"s to stay in business !

    IF your thinking about renting a cleaning machine or doing it yourself- Our machines are about 20 times more powerful than home units.  Pricewise, after you rent a machine, buy chemicals, the time it takes, and the typically disappointing results, you'll find you've probably wasted your time and money.  In some cases it can actually cost less to have us clean than renting !

  • At Simply Clean, customer satisfaction is our goal.  We strive to earn your business time and time again.  Call us today for a Free estimate.